Resume DNA

We feel every resume has its own Distinctive Navigated Achievements (DNA). When translated it means, everyone has their own individual course/path to their achieved goals and accomplishments. We all takes a different path to get us to where we are and who we are now, and that needs to be reflected in your resume. Everyone’s resumes will be different, there may be similarities but two are never the same.

Resume Samples

As we were creating our website we were asked by many; why would we supply so much information on how to write your own resume and why would we give samples of resumes that can be copied? If you read our page what makes us tick, it is stated clearly, It’s simple, we are truly passionate about what we are doing and we honestly want to help people find that job/career they want and deserve. Over the years as hiring managers, we’ve seen a majority of resumes poorly crafted. We want all visitors to to leave knowing more on how to succeed with their job search than before they visited us. Also, would you even purchase any resume writing service without seeing some samples?

Take some time to review these resume samples to get an idea of what think works for you. Feel free to print any of these samples as a reference if you write your own or when we write your resume. Remember, there is a lot more to resume writing than just the visual aspect, there are industry/profession key words, impact bullet points, building and highlighting your market value, branding you and your career path, and connecting to the reader.

Items to review in the samples

  • Which resume format was used
  • Take notice how different page layouts suits each resume
  • These samples are printed versions so you can see how we took advantage of word processing formatting (bold, fonts, underline, and bullet points) to highlight and differentiate items and sections of the resume
  • Can you find the key words used to emphasize the applicants career goals
  • Look for the power verbs that highlight the applicants’ experience
  • Can you see how our resume Do’s and Don’ts list was followed
  • Review how the Resume F.A.Q list was carried out
  • See how achievements are focal points and job responsibilities are secondary

Real Estate Resume Sample – This client needed a resume to use a marketing piece for his new business – he wanted to highlight his credentials and experience to secure new clients.

Recent College Graduate Resume Sample – This client has a contact/referral with someone within a major sports organization and needed a resume to highlight his passion for sports, while showing his drive to succeed and ability to be part of the team objective.

Marketing Executive Resume Sample – Client wanted a resume to highlight her marketing expertise, experience and accomplishments with an inference on international branding.

Restaurant Consultant Resume Sample – This client needed a resume written that he could use to apply to unique career opportunities and to also present to new consultant clients.

Transportation – Terminal Manager – Resume Sample Client had a poorly written resume and was not getting any call backs for interviews. He needed it re-written and re-formatted to clearly reflect his qualifications, accomplishments and years of experience.