Cover Letter Writing Service

Yes, you still need a cover letter, most people applying for jobs today neglect to include a cover letter which plays an important role in the initial hiring process. In most cases a resume will only be reviewed by a hiring manager after reading your cover letter. Your cover letter introduces your resume and gives it; purpose, clarity and personality, and details why your qualifications warrant further review. A cover letter also lets the reader know how well you communicate in written form and articulate your thoughts.

Your cover letter should be a structured synopsis of your resume, highlighting specific aspects that qualify you for the position. You shouldn’t just copy portions of your resume and paste onto the cover letter, it will be redundant and will not add any value to your resume. Your cover letter should also discuss your respective character, work ethic and desire for the job opportunity. All aspects of your cover letter need to be presented in a professional, elegant and sophisticated manner. A poorly written cover letter will prompt the reader to place your resume in the no pile.

Many people take the easy way out and just don’t include a cover letter or they write an 8 line generic or blanket cover letter; if you don’t invest the time in writing cover letters you’re probably not going to get the interview or greatly decrease your odds. Each cover letter needs to be written to specifically target each job you apply for; this is why we constantly state that it is better to send out 10 targeted and well prepared cover letters and resumes than 500 blanket ones. Please visit our page The Cover Letter to get more insight.

At Career Thinker our writers understand the important role a cover letter plays in the process of getting the interview. We can write a core cover letter targeted towards the industry and position you are aiming for and you can update/edit as needed or you can send us the job posting you are applying to and we will write a cover letter targeted directly for this job posting. Either way we will craft a well-organized cover letter highlighting the reasons why you’re the candidate for the position. If you’re changing careers we will ensure we emphasize how your skills and experience transfer to their job opening.

Cover Letter $49.00

What you will receive

  • Your professionally crafted cover letter targeting the career, industry and position you’re applying to
  • Cover letter in MS Word Format which is standard
  • Cover letter in PDF Format at no extra charge
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – you will receive a draft for your approval prior to receiving your final copy.

How It Works (if you’re purchasing a cover letter with a resume service we will write the cover letter after your resume is completed)

  • Make your purchase
  • During check out attach your resume or email it to unless we currently have your resume
  • Fill out our “Cover Thinker” form that will be emailed following the checkout process. There will be a spot to paste a copy of a job posting
  • Within 1 business day after you send back your “Cover Thinker” form, a resume writer that fits your needs will be assigned to your project and will arrange a phone consultation. During this one-on-one consultation the writer and you will collaborate together so the best results are achieved. (Consultation can last up to 30 minutes).
  • 1-3 business days after your consultation you will receive a draft of your new resume for approval