Service / Trade Resume

This resume writing service is for those who fall into the service and support teams of the work place (i.e.; Sales Associate, Food Service, Truck Driver, Cashier, Warehousing, Hospitality, Retail, Waiter, Waitress, Security, etc.) also for those who are part of the trade sector (i.e.; Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Mechanic, Landscaper, etc.)

If you fall into this sector of employment you might think you don’t need a resume, just filling out a job application is all you need to do to land a job. Well that might work in some cases and was the norm in the past, but today we are in different times. Today it is common that all employers expect a resume when applying to any position and those that don’t use a resume do an injustice to their job search. Those who have a professional written resume greatly increase their odds of getting an interview and job offer. If you search the internet and classified ads for positions mentioned above, almost all are requesting for a resume.

A professional written resume is an investment in you; gives you more value in the job market and it lets the employer know that you are serious about getting a job offer. Remember a resume is the first impression the employer has of you so ensure it’s the best impression possible. A professional resume builds more value with your potential employer which can lead to a higher starting salary compare to poorly written or no resume.

Your Career Thinker resume will be crafted by a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) who will design and write your resume highlighting your; work experience, knowledge, attributes and your work ethic; proving to the employers that you’re their best choice for their team. Your resume will be rich with relevant keywords, experience and achievements that will catch the attention of the reader, leading in more interviews and job offers.

Service / Trade Resume $ 249.00

What you will receive

  • Your professional crafted resume rich in keywords highlighting your; knowledge, work experience and attributes
  • Resume in MS Word Format which is standard
  • Resume in PDF Format at no extra charge
  • Your resume will be ATS/Electronic friendly
  • Our 60 Day Resume to Interview Guarantee
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How It Works

  • Make your purchase
  • Send us your current resume during checkout if you have one
  • Fill out our “Resume Thinker” form that will be emailed following the checkout process
  • Within 1 business day after you send back your “Resume Thinker” form, a resume writer that fits your needs will be assigned to your project and will arrange a phone consultation. During this one-on-one consultation the writer and you will collaborate together so the best results are achieved. (Consultation can last 60-75 minutes)
  • 4-6 business days after your consultation you will receive a draft of your new resume for approval